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Air Gear - Vol 4 Click for larger view

Air Gear - Volume 4

Ikki has formed a team of Storm Riders with the help of some new friends and old allies. With their first victory in the bag, they have begun their journey to the top of the ranks. Unfortunately for Ikki, Rika, eldest of the Sleeping Forest sisters, will do anything to keep the little crow safe and grounded. It's a good thing Ringo is there to teach Ikki a few new tricks to survive the territory and parts wars to come. Will Ikki get his bell rung or will he prove once and for all that nothing is limited for the Sky King?

Air Gear - Vol 3 Click for larger view

Air Gear Volume 3

Ikki must grind long and hard if he wants to find his own "road," and watching a few of his fellow Storm Riders battle along the way may be just what the "Swallow" ordered. As Ikki puts the finishing touches on his new AT team, he must put his friendships to the test and his past behind him. Will Ikki and his mates be victorious in their first Parts War? Will he make it all the way to Tropaeum - a Storm Rider's ultimate goal? The stage has been set. The only question is, will they taste the sweet smell of victory or the foul stench of defeat?

Air Gear - Vol 2 Click for larger view

Air Gear - Volume 2

Ikki may not be a Storm Rider yet, but his battle with Buccha already has the AT pros talking. Unfortunately, his sudden popularity is attracting some unwanted attention from the leader of the Skull Saders, still bitter over his crushing defeat at the hands of a rookie. Now, with the Sleeping Forest emblem hanging in the balance, Ikki faces his rival in a gravity-defying race. Meanwhile, Ringo is torn between pulling Ikki into the dangerous world of Sleeping Forest and losing him to the sultry Simca. Onigiri has decided that he's more interested in riding girls than AT's. Ikki's teachers are threatening to hold him back. With new opponents and challenges at every turn, Ikki will have to rely on the strength of his friends to help him forge his road to the top.

DNAngel - Vol 4 Click for larger view

DNAngel - Volume 4

Risa and Saehara are caught in a trap set for Dark; Daisuke has to travel after them to a familiar place. Wild girl Mio Hio also joins Daisukeís school and the moment she arrives she sets her heart on poor Daisuke who hasnít get the faintest clue on what to do.

Naruto - Vol 4 Click for larger view

Naruto - Volume 4

Spirited and mischievous, Naruto is a village orphan who, thanks to the sacrifice of the last Hokage ninja years before, carries the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit within him. This collection presents a fourth volume of episodes which follow the powerful and endearing young prankster as he tries to do whatever it takes to become the next Hokage, training with his friends and fighting evil at every opportunity.