Blood - The Last Vampire

Right before the dawn of the Vietnam War, the US Army has plenty of fears with the deteriorating situation in Vietnam. However a new, potentially worse threat has appeared within their own bases, the Teropterids may look human but they are in fact evil creatures with no regard for the lives of the humans whose blood they feast upon.

Saya too is much more than she appears to be, a seemingly normal (although downright gloomy) Japanese teenager, Saya is in fact the best hunter of these fearsome creatures. A Teropterid is no match for Saya's more than human strength and her deadly sword, but how long until one Teropterid is lucky?

Saya is planted undercover as a student in a high school on the Yokota Base in Japan in order ferret out a group of Teropterids and exterminate them


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Blood the Last Vampire

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