In the Hidden Leaf Village also known as Konoha, lies an obnoxious and troublesome young boy. He has a dream of being the next head or hokage of this ninja village. Being the hokage means that you are the strongest ninja in the village. His name is Uzumaki Naruto, but he is known as the Demon Fox even in his own village.

Sealed inside him by the fourth hokage is the Demon Fox also known as the Nine Tailed Fox that once terrorized the village. The Demon Fox had been sealed inside Naruto when he was a baby. It was made a forbidden rule that anyone who even talked about the Demon Fox will be extremely punished. Whenever parents saw Naruto, they would give him a grin. The parents would pass down to their children the hate against Naruto by telling them not to assosiate or even look at him. They only saw Naruto as the fox but they did not even take the time to know the real him. It is because of this that Naruto wants to become the next hokage, so he can be reconized by everyone!

He is teamed up with his fellow classmates, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura, on his journey in becoming the next hokage! On this journey, Naruto and his classmates are faced with many challenges and emotional events, but Naruto will never give up on his dream.


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