A 15 year old teenager, Kurosaki Ichigo is just like any other high school student, but he has one thing that makes him stand out from any other student, the ability to see ghosts. Ichigo could always see ghosts, even from when he was just a kid. One day, he met a girl in a strange outfit, her name was Kuchiki Rukia. The day he met Rukia, was the day that his entire life had change.

An evil spirit called a Hollow was on the move to possess Ichigo, luckily Rukia was following the Hollow and managed to help him. But she had been seriously injured from saving Ichigo and had no way of fighting back. The only chance for them to survive that fight, was for Rukia to share her powers with Ichigo. But in order for Rukia to share her powers with him, she had to stab her sword into Ichigo's heart. In the end, Ichigo agrees and kills the Hollow for the sake of his family. Unfortunately, instead of sharing her powers, Rukia gives Ichigo all of her powers. This causes Rukia to stay with Ichigo until her powers comes back.

After that day, together the both of them fight off Hollows they meet. Ichigo and Rukia start to build a strong bond between themselves. While Rukia tries to adapt to the environment, Ichigo, who never wants to see people getting hurt, dedicates his life in saving the lives of good hearts and killing those of evil.


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